Abbey & Zack

A very, very special thank you to Dan of Poetic Cinema who captured all of the footage and audio recordings used to make this video. Dan has been a friend of ours since we entered the wedding industry many years ago. Back before Covid the plan was that I would photograph Abbey & Zack’s wedding. Since I was also supposed to be a bridesmaid, I could only do so with the help of my friend, Amanda, to handle the pictures I couldn’t take and Dan to capture the video footage I couldn’t capture. After helping document my baby sister’s wedding, my plan was to cuddle up at home with all of the raw photographs and video files, editing and reliving the day until the final products were perfect.

Then came Covid.

Plans changed… and being there in person looked more and more impossible as the numbers continued to climb. Due to our risk factors, attending the wedding wasn’t something I was able to do. I Facetimed in for the moment she donned her wedding dress… and while my sister married the love of her life, I watched it on a live feed. Instead of all the plans I’d made with Abbey & Zack, I watched bits and pieces from the sidelines in order to make sure that our family stayed safe. Thankfully, Abbey & Zack’s kindness and understanding were abundant. They hired Amanda as their photographer, so I knew the photos would be beautiful. Dan was still kind enough to capture Abbey’s day and let me edit his work. Knowing that Abbey & Zack would be well taken care of by people who knew our family well… it meant the world. It was heartbreaking to be at home, but there was a peacefulness that came with my faith in my friends. I tried to be as present as possible, anxiously awaiting the day that I would be able to personally piece together the memories of their wedding day in their video. It became a true labor of love for me, possibly even more than it would have been otherwise, because I wasn’t just creating this video out of my love for Abbey & Zack… I was relishing every second of being as close to attending their wedding as I could.

Dan – I am so incredibly grateful for your graciousness, your eye, your care, your kindness, and your willingness to trust me to edit your footage. I truly can’t thank you enough.

Abbey & Zack – I wish I had been there to in person to experience these moments firsthand, but I’ve relived them so many times now that I almost feel like I’m there as each clip comes and goes. My heart is in every note of music, every lyric, and every featured frame. No matter what else was going on in the world around you, your wedding day was abundantly full of your love for each other and the promise of a future full of happiness… like you said during your first look, Abbey – that’s all that matters. ❤️ I’m so happy for you guys and I love you both, always.