Fear has never been unfamiliar to me. It started out simple, I guess… Fear of the dark. Fear of talking to strangers. Fear of heights. Fear of spiders and snakes. The usual. But as I’ve gotten older I wonder sometimes if my relationship with Fear is more like an awkward…

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This last year has been… well… quite a year. Often I feel conflicted about how so much joy can exist along side so much grief. In many ways the happiness and feelings of completeness have been born of great sadness and loss. It feels strange, but it’s especially humbling when…

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“Good luck, bad luck – who knows?”

My dad always used to tell this story about a man who had both good and bad things happen to him. He had a good harvest of crops and the people of his village told him he had such good luck. He would reply, “Good luck, bad luck – who…

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