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Last night after watching a few episodes of This is Us, Toby and I headed towards bed. This is Us always makes me a little emotional… ok, a lot emotional. I always walk away from it deeply grateful for the life I have. I think Toby put it best – no other show that we’ve ever seen captures as perfectly how wonderful everyday life is.

Anyway, on my way to get ready for bed, I stopped in to give the kids a hug and a kiss goodnight. I wasn’t home when they were tucked into bed and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to let them know their mama loves them.

Noah is on the top bunk so he was first… His sleepy eyes fluttered open and when he saw me his arms flew open into a big hug. That’s my Noah. My snuggler. My heart exploded into a million happy pieces and for just a moment, in the quiet of the night when the house was almost asleep, I soaked in the love of my little boy. He then informed me that he was headed to the bathroom so I could let go. 🙂

Emma was up next. I leaned into the bottom bunk to give her a hug and tell her I love her… She didn’t even open her eyes, just hugged me back sweetly and told me she loves me too. Then, still with her eyes closed, she asked me if I had a good night. That’s my Emma. Always concerned about others. My heart exploded into another million pieces of happiness and we talked for another thirty seconds until Noah started to climb down the ladder.

I asked Noah as we walked out into the hallway together if he wanted to snuggle a minute after he got out of the bathroom. He grinned from ear to ear and I climbed into bed and got settled. He climbed in a moment later as Toby went to finish getting ready for bed and for about two minutes, it was just me and Noah. He’s always been my cuddly kid. Emma is to a degree, but she loves her independence and that’s completely ok. But Noah likes to snuggle up close and be held. He and I definitely share physical touch as one our main love languages, so I get it 100%. Toby walked back into the room and tossed a pair of socks at us and we threw them back – all three of us laughing. For it being late at night, I’d say all of us did a pretty good job with our aim as we threw them around for a minute or so… Then with a grin and a laugh, Noah went off to bed.

It’s moments like those that make life great – the little things that would fly right by us if we let them. Those are the moments that are the fabric of joy and love and relationships. I am so blessed.

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  • Emma March 14, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    Touched. A masterpiece. ❤️??

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