To my sweet boy…

Dearest Noah,

I think I’ve written this letter a million times in my head. It’s about time I got it typed out.

It’s been just over 3 months since your birthday and I’ve yet to sit down and write out your letter. It’s not that you’re not important. Quite the contrary. In fact since we took our family vacation back in July, I’ve been trying to soak up every single second of my time with you and Emma. So much so that I’ve found myself putting off the things that I need to be keeping up with for our family – like our personal photos and your birthday letter 🙁 . But right now it’s 11:35pm and you’re asleep. I should be, too, but I just had such a wonderful night with you that it’s made me want to sit down and write about what an amazing kid you are.

You are my whirlwind of extremes contained in the most adorable little body. You are gentle and kind, but can also be crazy and “mean” (as in pretending to be a dinosaur, not actually being mean to others). You can be much more quiet and snuggly (although it’s rare) than your sister, but you’re also MUCH louder and more rambunctious. You delight in making others smile, but you also delight in driving people that you love crazy. You are so smart but you do the oddest things sometimes (like chewing on your hand or the purple crayon that you ate part of the other day). Some days you drive me up a wall… And even then, you manage to be sweet, cute, and impossible to stay upset at. You seldom give two-armed hugs fully, but on the rare occasion that you let me snuggle with you, you do let me hold you close, which melts my heart.

I thought I had my hands full with Emma… oh no. She was just getting me ready for you. You are ten times more willful with a need to be constantly on the go. And I think that it it’s possible to be more aware than Emma of how your cuteness effects me, you are. You have your mama 100% wrapped around your little finger. If I’m being honest, I think you did from day one.

You’re making strides at school – making friends, listening, cleaning up, learning songs, letters, numbers, etc. But as much as you love it, you refuse to go on the potty and eliminate my mid-day visits to preschool to change you. My sweet boy, I love you immensely, but you’re driving me insane. You get excited momentarily when I mention bribes of various sorts, but I have yet to find that one thing that will motivate you the way you need it. If only you could articulate what that is!! Until I figure it out, I will just have to stay patient. I know that one day you’ll finally want to go on the potty. That will be a great day. 🙂

I have to say, though, that my favorite times with you, my sweet Noah, are the ones like tonight. Tonight you asked me if I would snuggle with you. It’s SO rare that you ask. Usually I have to convince you! But you did and I dropped everything to take advantage of the opportunity. We laid in between your Buzz Lightyear sheets and sang songs. First, your favorites – You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You still forget the last part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star most of the time, but I love listening to your voice. You clearly love music like your daddy and I do and it brings me so much joy. After we each sang those songs one time through, I asked you if I could sing one to surprise you. You agreed and we I sang a few songs from The Sound of Music… Edelweiss, The Sound of Music, Something Good, and even a little Climb Every Mountain. You closed your eyes, sucked your fingers, and rested your little hand on my cheek. You’re always like that – completely in the moment. It’s a trait that I love and hope you hold onto. Those moments are fleeting – and so incredibly precious. I want you to know how dear I hold each one.

As I got out of your bed, we kept our faces close and talked about how much fun we’d had together. I told you that I loved when you sang. You told me that you loved when I sang and when we played the “Look at Me” game. You told me I look pretty when I play like that. You made me promise to do it again tomorrow and I’m sitting here now looking forward to it.

Thank you for always making me feel important, my sweet boy. From the way you hold my face in your hands to the way you get excited when I put on my earrings, you have a way of celebrating and treasuring the everyday happenings of life that I cherish. I hope I can be the kind of mama that helps you cultivate that as you grow.

My Noah, I love you so incredibly. You are such an integral part of what makes our family what it is. Your sweet kindness and love for all of us – especially your sister – is beautiful. Thank you for all the joy you bring to our lives…

Love always,

Here’s one of us from your birthday. My time with you tonight reminded me of it…